How to store maple syrup

How to store maple syrup

Don't forget to store your syrup properly

How should I store my maple syrup?

The way you choose to store your syrup depends on whether or not the container is open. Unopened syrup can be stored in a pantry away from direct sunlight. Opened syrup should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, and will last up to two years.

If your container is unopened: It is okay to store unopened syrup containers in a pantry. It is best to find a cool, dry location to help your syrup last longer. It is also important to store your unopened syrup in a location where it has little exposure to sunlight – especially if it is in a glass bottle. Your syrup should last indefinitely if it remains unopened and about 2 years opened in the refrigerator.

If your syrup is opened:

1. In the refrigerator: Once you open a container of syrup, you should refrigerate it in order to prevent it from spoiling or growing mold. The syrup bottle may develop crystalized sugar over the cap when it is in the fridge. This can make it hard to open the bottle – but not to worry, you can just run some hot water over the top of the bottle and the sugars will melt away making it easy to open the bottle again. In rare situations, a film of mold could develop on the top of your syrup if it has been in the fridge too long (2+ Years) - but most people consume their syrup quicker than that...who wouldn' is delicious!

2. In the freezer: Many of our customers buy large amounts of syrup, which they don’t plan to consume all at once. For instance, to save a few dollars a family might choose to buy a gallon, but they may only consume a quart every six months. In this situation, a great solution is to separate your syrup into smaller containers and freeze some of them. Maple syrup can be stored in the freezer indefinitely.

Fun fact: Maple syrup freezes in a slushy consistency because of the sugars in it. If you ask us, that sounds like a nice treat, or an ice-cream topping!




I am looking for a source of single-batch maple syrup. I used to purchase Birkshire Sweet gold, but that farm has been sold and I cant conact them (They dont reply nor can I leave a voicemail).


Thanks for the info!


how to freeze - ?

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