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A fourth generation family farm.

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A fourth generation family farm

Our 560-acre farm is located in Chittenden, Vermont and has been in the Baird family for four generations. Bonnie and Bob Baird own and operate the farm today while their daughter Jenna and her partner Jacob run the maple syrup business. Bob’s grandparents, Sara and Ralph Baird, both grew up on farms on the road. In 1918 they purchased our farm from Sara’s sister and brother-in-law. Their son Richard took over the operation in the 1940s and ran the farm until 1979 when Bonnie and Robert purchased the property. Maple syrup was produced here even before the Bairds moved to the property. When Sara and Ralph began farming they milked cows and made butter that was sold door-to-door in the nearby town of Rutland. As the dairy herd grew, milk was sold into the Boston market and later to our local Cabot cheese plant. The milking cows were sold in 1996 and, since that time, maple syrup has been the primary crop on the farm. Jenna and Jacob have greatly expanded the maple retail market and agritourism on the farm. Stop by and visit or schedule a tour to learn more about the operation! 

Portrait Photo by: Maaike Bernstrom Photography


Our Story

A collaboration with Stanley Brand, telling the story behind our farm and our commitment to carrying on our family legacy on our farm in North Chittenden.
Film by: Rich Ferri
Cover Photo: Maaike Berstrom Photography

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