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60 + head of beef cattle from Hamilton Cattle Co. graze our fields at the farm

Where's the beef?

Hamilton Cattle Company, owned and operated by Jamie Hamilton, is a grass-fed cow-calf to finish beef operation located in Florence and Chittenden, VT. Jamie takes pride in raising cattle that spend the majority of their lives on open pastureland grazing from late April to December, and consuming hay through the winter months. Visit our farm to pick up individual beef cuts (a variety of steaks from rib-eyes to sirloins, ground beef, briskets, roasts - you name it!) in our farm store. Additionally, we also offer discounted rates on bulk orders of ground beef boxes and variety cut beef boxes. We've been working with Hamilton Cattle Company from the beginning. After scaling back from our own livestock business Jamie has kept 60 acres of land in active use. Working with Jamie has been a great opportunity for us to keep our pastures grazed and open.

Grass-Fed Beef

Enjoy beef grazed on our farm. 

Who raises your beef? 

Meet Jamie Hamilton

We began our work with Jamie Hamilton of Hamilton Cattle Co. in 2020. Jamie has been a friend and neighbor of ours since we were little kids. Jamie fell in love with farming at a very early age and began working at a neighbors dairy farm when he was 14.  Farming grew from a hobby into an integral part of life, taking the place of school sports in his final year of high school. His love for farming led to attending Vermont Technical College where he received an Associate’s degree in Dairy Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Diversified Agriculture. Jamie worked on a large organic beef farm in Sudbury, VT and spent some time in Big Timber, MT experiencing larger cattle ranches. At 24 years old, Jamie is just getting started and plans to grow his farm business and preserve the land for generations to come.


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