What makes Maple Syrup Organic?

Isn't all maple syrup organic?

Cover Photo: Maaike Berstrom Photography

Common Questions

Much of what we do in the sugarhouse is very similar to conventional producers. That said, we do use a different defoamer. Foam is a common obstacle in many food and beverage applications. When sugar boils under high heat there is considerable foam pressure. All sugarmakers use a defoamer to suppress foam from boiling over the evaporator pans. Most conventional producers use a product called Atmos 300k. Atmos 300k is a food grade emulsifier blend of Mono- and Diglycerides derived from edible sources and Propylene Glycol. We do not use Atmos 300k. We use organic safflower oil. It's a little more expensive and requires more attention while boiling. There are other organic approved defoamers on the market. Almost all of the defoamer is boiled or filtered out. There’s less than 20 parts per million in a jug of finished maple, but syrup can be tested for synthetic defoamer. We also have an approved list of cleaning products for the equipment in the sugarhouse.

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