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Baird Farm Maple Syrup

750 ml Sumac Infused Maple Syrup

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Sumacs stand on the edges of our farm. They live along the old fields, fencerows, and places where the pastures end and the sugarbush begins. Every year, the sumac puts out bold red berries that have long been praised for their flavor. By simmering our maple syrup with the sumac berries, we give you a celebration of summer here on our hill farm. The Whole Woods Sumac Infused Maple Syrup is the perfect punch of bright lemon zest. We believe that when you eat good food you connect to the land. Our mission is to help you do that. Celebrate the summer.

Tasting Notes: Lemon Zest, Raspberry, Black Tea

Try a Sumac cocktail or incorporate it into your favorite baked goods recipe. It makes an excellent substitute for all your maple favorites, from adding it to tea or savory brussels sprouts. Please take a peek at our recipe page for more inspiration.

We make top-shelf syrup here on the farm- the bottle should do it justice. This 750ml Nordic liquor-style bottle makes a statement. The best thing about choosing this glass option is you can really see the syrup shine through. We even hand dip each bottle in black bottle sealing wax. Cut it open and you'll find a convenient screw cap underneath. This Infused Spruce syrup makes a genuinely unique gift. Be sure to check out the variety pack and try them all!