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Baird Farm Maple Syrup

Sugar Shack and Quart Combo

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Coffee and maple are a perfect combo. Win the morning with this pairing of Vermont roasted coffee with a quart of our Dark Robust maple syrup. We've teamed up with Vivid Coffee Roasters from Burlington, Vt to offer their signature blend, Sugar Shack. Ian at Vivid says, "our aim was to create a blend that is balanced, full-bodied, and sweet. Sugar Shack is the perfect choice when you are looking for a balanced and delightful cup of coffee, it pairs well with milk and is sweet enough to enjoy black. Sugar Shack also tastes great as espresso." Tasting Notes: Maple Sweetness, Rich, Smooth, Balanced. It's our goto blend at the farm that powers us through our work. Jacob drinks way too much.